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What are the factors used to classify social networks for marketers?


Social media

Social media marketing is like telling a story about something cool using the internet. Imagine you have a favorite toy, and you want everyone to know how awesome it is. Social media marketing is a bit like showing it off to your friends on the internet. Instead of talking to them face-to-face, you use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to share pictures, videos, and fun facts about your favorite toy. It’s like having a big online playground where you can make new friends and tell them all about the cool stuff you love.

In social media marketing, businesses do something similar but with their products or services. They use social media platforms to share pictures, videos, and information about what they offer. It’s like when you see a yummy ice cream ad on your tablet – the ice cream company is using social media marketing to make you excited about their tasty treats. So, social media marketing is all about using the internet to share interesting stories and connect with people, whether it’s about your favorite toy or the coolest things a business has to offer.

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Different factors used to classify social media networks for marketers– Best Digital Marketing Courses in Chandigarh

Success in social media marketing is like creating a popular and exciting online space. Imagine you have a big online party, and everyone is having a great time. The key factors for success are pretty simple:

  • Sharing Cool Stuff: It’s like bringing the coolest toys to the party. Share interesting pictures, funny videos, and neat facts that make people go, “Wow!”
  • Talking with Friends: Just as you chat with your friends at a party, in social media marketing, it’s important to talk to the people who follow you. Respond to their comments, answer questions, and make them feel like part of the fun.
  • Regularly Updating: Think of it as keeping the party alive. Regularly share updates about what’s happening – whether it’s new toys, exciting games, or anything that keeps the excitement going.
  • Being Friendly: Being successful is like being the friendliest host. Be nice, polite, and create a positive vibe. It’s like making sure everyone feels welcome and happy.
  • Listening to Likes: Imagine someone telling you their favorite game. In social media marketing, it’s like listening to what people like. Understand what makes them happy and share more of that.

By doing these things, it’s like businesses are throwing the best online party, making sure everyone has a great time and wants to keep coming back for more fun. 

How Media Richness Affects Social Media and Network Communication?

 Media richness is how much detail and feeling you can share through a communication method. For example, if you send a text, it’s like a short message and not a lot of detail. But if you make a video call, it’s like being there in person, sharing a lot more. In social media, using richer media, like videos or voice messages, helps express emotions and details better, making communication more interesting and clear. So, it’s like choosing the best way to talk to your friends online to share all the cool stuff. The social media networks that have low media richness have a bad impact on the types of communication occurring with the people. 

How Total Users Affect Social Media and Network Communication?

Think of social media like a big party, and the total users are all the people at the party. The more people there are, the more exciting and lively it becomes. When there are lots of users on social media, it’s like having a big crowd at the party – there’s more sharing of ideas, pictures, and fun stuff. It’s also a bit like having more friends to talk to. With more users, there are more conversations happening, more things to discover, and it’s like being part of a huge community where everyone brings something interesting to the table. So, the total users in social media make it a vibrant and happening place where there’s always something new and exciting going on.


In summary, when marketers are figuring out where to share cool things online, they look at different factors. It’s like choosing the best playground to have fun in. They consider how many friends are at the playground (total users), what kind of games they can play (media richness), and how often they get to have fun (engagement). By thinking about these things, marketers pick the perfect spot to share their exciting stuff, making sure it reaches the most friends and creates a buzz. So, it’s a bit like planning the ultimate playdate online, where everyone gets to join in on the fun. However, if you want to grow your business, then you can contact us anytime. As we are ready to help you through our specialized services in the field of web development, web designing, and digital marketing. We are also open to providing training and guidance to the students. Our company’s courses are the best digital marketing courses in Chandigarh.

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