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Digital Marketing Services Company in India

What strikes your mind first, when you think of digital marketing? Yes, it’s all about SEO, SMO, SMM, PPC, online company branding and email marketing, to name a few. There are offshoots like influencer marketing, video promotion, Google Ads, etc. that accompany the core services. And, we at Kreativan Technologies have mastered them all, like the back of our hands. Let’s get into the crux of the matter, and shed light on some of the most popular digital marketing services, as of today.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

It’s the abbreviated form of Search Engine Optimization. Google being the most popular and heavily used search engine globally, clients always prefer having the best presence and ranking on this search engine, which accounts for more than 90% of worldwide searches. Therefore, we’ve tailored our dedicated SEO plans & packages to best suit the needs of our clients. 

Most importantly, we help achieve the top 10 Google ranking within a matter of months, through our scientifically proven White Hat SEO techniques. In fact, we strictly adhere to Google Webmaster Guidelines in ranking a website, be it in the area of On Page or Off Page SEO. This is what makes us the top-rated digital marketing services company India, with hands-on experience in two-way link building, backlink creation, content writing, Meta Tag creation, online reputation management, keyword research and competitor analysis.

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SMO (Social Media Optimization)

This refers to Social Media Optimization, and is probably the most sought after small business digital marketing services by clients. It is simply because of the extensive reach of social media platforms among audiences, which make it an effective business promotion tool. We’re experts in SMO & SMM, best utilizing popular platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, etc. for promoting any business, company, brand, product or service in a local or global region. 

For this, we create social media business accounts, and optimize them in a way that best connects with prospects or audiences, whenever they search for any information over these above-mentioned social platforms or social pages. Our optimization also helps increase conversion rate.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

It refers to Social Media Marketing, and somehow directly related to SMO. Our digital marketing services company Chandigarh have in-house experts in this domain that specialize in promoting any business or brand over the most popular platforms. Whether it is Facebook marketing, YouTube marketing or Influencer marketing, we’ve specialists in all these domains.

Today, social media marketing is an important component of SEO, as a majority of clients ask for it, along with a regular SEO service. In fact, it runs parallel with a search engine optimization activity. Due to the extensive reach and penetration of these platforms, a lot of companies prefer marketing their brand, goods, products and services through social media, especially Fb and YouTube. And, we have the right kind of expertise.

Email Marketing

This is the era of online business promotion, and email marketing has a big say. With a dedicated team of email marketers, we first create a database of email addresses, and thereby send marketing mails in the form of text, images, infographic and videos to selective customers, who have a high probability of conversion. It can be a B2B or B2C service, whatever the client wants. Such a direct business promotion method works in a big way, as almost 10% of the prospects convert to customers, after viewing the promotional emails sent by us.


PPC Services (Pay Per Click)

If you’re searching for the best digital marketing agency near me that can strategically manage your Pay-per-Click marketing services, it is we at Kreativan Technologies that always comes to mind first. We guarantee a 15-20% increase in your return-on-investment (ROI), by accelerating your sales from paid search, through our scientifically designed PPC campaigns. We also perform PPC audit and ROI tracking.

It is mostly the eCommerce businesses, shops, brands and small stores that benefit from our PPC services, as it helps increase their conversion rates, sales, visitor, traffic and footfall to their site. With our PPC advertising assistance, you can take full control of your Ad spending and promote your brand to the right audience, at the right time and at the right place. Our PPC campaigns ensure maximum visibility, drive web traffic and generate more sales. This is how we help you get more traffic through paid search.